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Free Crypto Research Resources

Free resources:

  1. Chart out crypto price trends at Trading View
  2. Learn more about sectors within crypto and measure their performance with OnChainFX
  3. CoinDesk is a nice one-stop shop for the checking the biggest news stories in crypto over the past 24 hours
  4. For data analysis on crypto check out
  5. For tracking crypto trades on Excel or Google Sheets, check out Peter McCormack’s guide here as well as this more comprehensive guide to using the cryptofinance function add-on in Google Sheets courtesy of Julein Buty

Considering buying cryptos? Open an account on Coinbase, and you’ll earn $10 in free bitcoin. Link HERE

Want to trade cryptos? Maximize your profits and minimize your costs with Cobinhood’s zero-fee trading platform. Sign up for 10 free Cobinhood ($COB) coins. Link HERE

Use derivatives to hedge risk and take out leverage to amplify gains on Bitmex. Discounted trading is available with this link HERE

YouTube reccomendations

  1. Luke Martin, a.k.a. “Venture Coinist,” has some great content on how to read BTC and ETH price trends. The methods used are applicable for analyzing any crypto (If you like the vids be a good chap and like & subscribe to his channel)
  2. The Crypto Street Podcast” is a great podcast when you’re new to crypto. They put out content on a more regular basis than Venture Coinist.
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