1. Blame IQ tests for the student debt problem, Mauldin Economics, Patrick Watson
    • In the Griggs [vs. Duke Power Co.] case, the US Supreme Court effectively granted colleges a monopoly…Like most monopolies, this one is inefficient. It creates unpayable debt that burdens students. So of it eventually falls on taxpayers.”
  2. Explaining the Decline in the U.S. Employment-to-Population Ratio: A Review of the Evidence, NBER, Katharine G. Abraham and Melissa S. Kearney
      • Fero Report readers can view the paper in its entirety here

What’s behind the fall in employment-to-population ration from 1999 and 2016?

      • The “effects of trade seem to be the single largest contributing factor to the decline in employment, potentially accounting for a 1.04 percentage point decline in the employment-to-population ratio,” the authors write.

3. The ICO is dead. Long live the ICO 2.0, Hacker Noon, Howard Marks

      • The gist of the article is that while ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) tried to skirt securities laws, the second wave of ICOs will be compliant with existing regulations.
      • “To explain further what an ICO 2.0 is, we need to learn about the JOBS Act, which was signed into law on April 2012.”
      • “This new lesligation is one of the greatest achievements in modern capital innovations. For the first time in 80 years, ordinary investors can now invest in startups and innovative blockchain companies.”
      • One of the parts of the act concerns A+ offerings: “Regulation A+, where anyone can invest and the company raise up to $50M per year after the SEC has qualified the offering. While more expensive, it is the future of ICOs.”

4. Patchwork crypto laws offers ICOs opportunity, if not clarity, Bloomberg, Camila Russo

      • “There is a significant amount of uncertainty and a critical need for legal experts to offer unequivocal advice.”

5. Tweet du jour: “2017 $crypto twitter > 2018 $crypto twitter” – Luke Martin, @VentureCoinist

6. Zero-free stock-trading app Robinhood has 4 million users for its cryptocurrency trading vertical

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