February 19, 2018 (The Fero Report): Happy Monday!

  1. Tezos CEO Kathleen Breitman: “We plan on releasing the token and going rogue in the next few weeks,” per Blockhain Beach’s Evan Greenberg.
  • Tezos has been doused with several class-action lawsuits after raising hundreds of millions of dollars for Tezzies last July, with a expected delivery of the tokens in November. It’s February and Tezzie ICO participants don’t have the tokens.
  • Breitman: “We’re able to release the token on our own terms … felt like I was being gaslit .. Things needed to move forward. It’s unfair, but we need to ship the code.”
  • Tezos CEO Kathleen Breitman on token release date and ‘going rogue,Blockchain Beach, Evan Greenberg
  1. “I’m going to use all the time available to me. Our diplomatic efforts will continue until that first bomb is dropped. My job is to never have a reason for the first bomb to drop. And we don’t know precisely how much time is left on the clock,” says Rex Tillerson, United States Secretary of States, in a “60 Minutes” interview.
  • Video, CBS News, Margaret Brennan


Margaret Brennan: “But to say full denuclearization, why would they agree to give up something they’ve already got that they think is an insurance policy?”

Sec. Tillerson: “Because it buys them nothing. It buys them more of being the hermit kingdom, isolated, isolated from the world diplomatically, isolated from the world economically.”

Brennan: “Senator Bob Corker, chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee said ‘Every one of us should pray Rex Tillerson and Jim Mattis are successful over the course of the next eight to ten months, diplomatically, or our nation is going to be facing one of the greatest military decisions that we face.’ Eight to ten months. That’s how much time you have to get this done?”

Sec. Tillerson: “I’m going to use all the time available to me. our diplomatic efforts will continue until that first bomb drops. My job is to never have a reason for the first bomb to drop And we don’t know precisely how much time is left on the clock.”

3. Deutsche Bank: “If fundamental trust in monetary and political stability were lost, people would probably turn away from any form of sovereign currency in favor of other alternative assets or private cryptocurrencies,” ZeroHedge

4. Crypto All-Stars Held ‘Hostage’

FROM: “Your favorite shitposters are now on the blockchain. And you can own their only Smart Contract,” the Crypto All-Starz page reads. “Buy and sell All Star Smart Contracts on the blockchain.

The CryptoKitties competitors: 4 Ethereum games that are catching up, CoinDesk’s : While it’s currently in second place based on volume, Crypto All-Stars is expected to be a big hit, having amassed tweets from some big names in the industry”

  • Crypto All Starz briefly surpasses Crypto Kitties in ethereum blockchain usage

  • “Move over @CryptoKitties. We now have @CryptoAllStarz to clog the Ethereum network! 😀 cryptoallstars.co/marketplace,” Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, via Twitter.

TO: CryptoRandyMarsh, @nondualnelly on Twitter: “Our co-founder and main developer @surfcoderepeat has locked me out of the project and is holding it hostage at the ransom of a buyout. I will not be answering questions at the moment but hope my note, and my timeline of events will suffice for now.”

  • The developer feels as if he has been wronged, and he has taken full control over Crypto All Stars assets. He is refusing to negotiate or work out any agreement to free up the company that doesn’t involve me giving back (nearly) all that I have earned thus far as a ‘buyout.’”
  • I am … afraid that as a result of this note he will take down all servers and blow up the company from the inside out.”

–>@Surfcoderepeat tweeted in response to the situation: “I am being bullied by people on the internet for something I created and their end goal is get fame by destroying my name. All transactions are verifiable on the blockchain, also it was the first collectible game that applied donation of earnings.”

  • Hadar adds that one, the “site is up and running, smart contract can’t be changed, code [is] open” and two, “over 60 percent of donations/payouts were sent already by me and verifiable, rest is on Billy Rose’s aka @nondualnelly wallet.”

Read Crypto Randy Marsh’s apology letter

Read the Crypto Randy Marshes fully story of the meltdown, including screenshots of the conversations

  1. Microsoft eyes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin for decentralized digital IDs

  • Each of us needs a digital identity we own, one which securely and privately stores all elements of our digital identity” and gives “us complete control over how our identity data is accessed and used,” Microsoft’s Ankur Patel writes.
  • “Some public blockchains (Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum, Litecoin, to name a select few) provide a solid foundation for rooting decentralized identifiers”
  • “The blockchain ecosystem today is still mostly early adopters who are willing to spend time, effort, and energy managing keys and securing devices. This is not something we can expect mainstream people to deal with
  • “We need to make key management challenges, such as recovery, rotation, and secure access, intuitive and fool-proof.”

Decentralized Digital Identities and Blockchain  – The Future as We See It, Microsoft, Alex Simons and Ankur Patel

  1. The Wall Street Journal’s Paul Vigna and AnnaMarie Andoitis report Bitcoin’s latest glitch: Double charges at fast-growing Coinbase
  • Thousands of customers of Coinbase, one of the largest bitcoin-related firms dealing with the public, may have suffered repeated, incorrect duplicate charges on their digital currency purchases, the firm said Friday.

The only issue? The “glitch” had nothing to do with bitcoin as the headline itself. Visa and Wordplay initiated the double charges, not Coinbase nor Bitcoin. Visa and Worldpay published a statement absolving Coinbase of blame—strangely on Coinbase’s blog.

  • “This issue was not caused by Coinbase,” Visa and Worldpay said [emphasis theirs.]
  • “All reversal transactions have now been issued, and should appear on customers’ credit card and debit card accounts within the next few days.”
  • “We deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused customers.”

Joint statement from Visa and Worldpay for Coinbase customers, The Coinbase Blog

Coinbase’s overcharging glitch is both Worldpay and Visa’s fault, Fortune, Jen Wieczner

  1. FCC inspector general investigating chairman over Sinclair, The Hill, Harper Neidig

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