February 11 (THE FERO REPORT)

1. Blockchain and cryptocurrency present a systemic threat to the $134 trillion global banking industry: How blockchain could disrupt bankingCB Insights

  • “Banks aren’t bashing crypto because they’re concerned for your financial well-being. They’re bashing crypto because it poses a systemic threat to their business model. You think banks give a shit about consumers? LOL” – @CryptoBully
2. Blast from the past: One pundit declared the new the “data king” November 7, 2016, one day prior to Election Day: Sam Wang, Ph.D. 2016’s election hero isn’t Nate Silver. It’s Sam WangWired, Jeff Nesbit
  • Wang called the election at 8:55 PM on October 18. He promised to eat more than just his hat if Clinton loses: ‘It is totally over. If Trump wins more than 240 electoral votes, I will eat a bug,’ Wang tweeted to his 23,000 followers. He expects Clinton to receive at least 298 electoral votes.”
3. Questions about Trump’s White House staff are once again keeping the rumor mill churning alive and well in Washington. Staff Secretary Rob Porter resigned after being accused of sexual abuse by two ex-wives. Porter is 40. 
The FBI denied Porter permanent security clearance and gave him interim clearance, prompting one writer to declare: Rob Porter is a national security scandal, tooPolitico Magzine, William J. Antholis.
Porter is dating Hope Hicks, former Ralph Lauren teen model and White House Communications Director.
Context: The security clearance concerns–letting people with questionable histories access state secrets–is nothing new.
Chief of Staff John Kelley has been at the center of the staffing scandal after instituting months of order inside the White House, and some rumors, or reports, suggest he may be the next person Trump tells “you’re fired.” FWIW, Obama’s DHS chief, Jeh Johnson insists “John Kelley should stay in the job.”
4. If you have ever found yourself concerned about the state of media, biases, and national narratives, here’s some food for thought, from the February 2018 issue of Harper’s Magazine.
  • In a democratic state any propagandist will have rivals competing with him for support of the public. In totalitarian states there is no liberty of expression for writers and no liberty of choice for their readers. There is only one propagandist–the state.” Aldous Huxley
5. Want to pay taxes in Bitcoin? Arizona might be your best bet.

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