By Grant Ferowich

Bitcoin made history once again Sunday.

Continuing upon a year of strong, if volatile, growth in market capitalization, the cryptocurrency’s price surged to $6,255 on Sunday, CoinMarketCap data show. The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, meanwhile, topped $6,300 Sunday.

The price of bitcoin reached a previous all-time high just over a week ago.

“Data from Google Trends indicates searches for ‘bitcoin’ and ‘bitcoin price’ are also nearing all-time highs, suggesting this exposure is perhaps translating into new awareness and investment in the protocol,” CoinDesk reports.

The explosion of nominal cryptocurrency value hasn’t been limited to bitcoin. Ethereum’s market cap was $29 billion as of Monday, with Ripple ($8B), Bitcoin cash ($8B), and Litecoin ($3B) trailing behind, according to CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency data aggregator.

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